Monday, April 12, 2010

Another Birthday here on Orchard St. and some Easter

Easter Photo Shoot Picture over load lol Me Coach and the D-man

My brother and sister and me

The teenagers lol Ally Sami Riann and D


Hello Everyone I've been a bad blogger. It's been so crazy around here... I think my mil is trying to put me in the funny farm with her bad behavior. But I'm so over that she's not going to win this battle and I have better things to do..
Now on to the birthday boy My sweet Admiral had a Birthday this past week and I just had to post some pics of him on his Birthday..He is Eleven and I will have to say he is the sweetest dog who is a love bug and very smart. He also thinks he's human :)He is the Heart of Our home..
Easter was wonderful we spent it with my family and had a great day. We had picture day with the teenagers all boy fun lol... Spring is here finally in southern Ohio yeah... my flowers are coming up and everything is turning green.. Wishing all my Friends a wonderful week

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foxxy said...

Enjoyed your family pictures. Such a lovely family you have. Oh and happy b-day to your doggie!