Monday, June 14, 2010

Saying Goodbye is never easy..

Hello to all my sweet friends. We've had a very sad week and weekend here on Orchard Street. MY fur Baby Admiral was sick on Monday so off we went to the vet, where I thought he might have a bad ear infection which he gets all the time. And when the vet come in crying you never get good news My baby was in kidney failure. with no warning signs and he was already very bad they kept him for the day to give him fluids and see if it would help when I picked him up he looked so sad We continued this process everyday for the week with no relief for the baby on Friday night we went to get him and he could not walk. The vet said just take him home and love on him tonight and it probably won't be long so home we came to start saying goodbye to my baby. He had an awful night so back to the vet we went on Saturday Where we choose to go ahead and put him down I held him until the end My sweet baby was ready to cross the rainbow bridge.
I on the other hand was not and still am having a very hard time with all of this he was my shadow all day and its hard to be here without him so trying to stay busy keeping my mind off thinking about him. Admiral was the greatest little dog the center of our home life The d-man's best friend and the coaches sidekick out side. He was the smartest dog always ready for a belly rub and love from all the boys who frequent our house. We love you to the moon and back Admiral and we will miss you until we see you again Love Momma


Katie said...

OH, Julie - I am so very, very sorry to hear about Admiral. I'm praying for you, sweet friend. :o)

Anonymous said...


I am so sorry for your loss of sweet Admiral. He wore his scarf so well and was such a hero. The loss of these soul friends is one of the hardest things we ever endure and one of the most misunderstood and
under appreciated by folks who don't have animals in their families. Admiral was a child friend.A dear darling being that I know loved you unconditionally and absolutely knew the depth of your love for him. He knew that he had a GREAT life with you. And Admiral is not far from you...pets have the ability, in death to be in Heaven and near us at the same time.

Have you read my post on making a Pet Shrine? How to make a memento shrine to help you keep Admiral near always...hope you go read it.

I am so pleased to have known Admiral through his scarf. Ad thank-you for sharing him with the world.

I love you and your family and will pray for you now.

Kelee Katillac

Heather said...

Oh Julie,

I am so sorry for the loss of your Admiral. I can not imagine the pain you must be feeling. You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers.