Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It's a Party Come on Over!!!!!

It's a PARTY and we are so excited about watching the video and visiting all the blogs with all of their cute fur babies. This was a wonderful cause and we were glad to help in our small way. Please make sure you visit Kelee and Oliver over at the Katillac Shack to Party On!!!!

We thought we would first tell you a little about Admiral since this day is all about him:) So pull up a doggie pillow and read on.
First of all he is 10 years old and of course he loves his momma. He has an unusual name that you don't hear very often It came from my son Derek whom Admiral doe's actually belong to He's named after Dereks favorite NBA Basketball star David Robinson who has the nick name The Admiral since he was in the Navy so Admiral it was or I should say Admiral David Robinson which is actually our last name.Now on to our scarf we made it has a story behind it. My son Derek has a friend Bo who has had cancer since they went to high school all the boys wear the yellow live strong bracelet's along with bo He is on his third round with this awful disease and just had a bone marrow transplant we are hoping for wonderful news soon. So Bo being one of Admiral's favorite humans we decided to dedicate out scarf to Bo. Now Admiral can be one of the boys and give all his support to Bo.

We hope you have enjoyed your visit here with us and enjoy the party ! And have a Bow Wow kinda Day

hugs and licks

Julie and Admiral


Kelee said...

Hi Julie!!

Thank -you for participating in the Pet Parade Party!

Your post is adorable and Admiral is darling.

We love and appreciate your efforts on our behalf!

xoxo kelee & oliver

Justine said...

Julie, what a wonderful way to participate for the animals and honor your son's friend at the same time!

Justine :o )

Ashley @ AshleysBusy said...

Look at that great dog :) Your story about dedicating the scarf to your son's friend is amazing. Hopefully he will pull through.

Jon M. said...

He's a keeper! Admiral looks the part!

Deb said...

What a gorgeous dog & post!

kelee Katillac said...

Julie_ I just noticed that last pic of Admiral!!

Showing off a "people" expression....