Monday, June 29, 2009

A very special model

Hi everyone
This is Admiral my very special model. Yeah I know he's just too cute you can go ahead and say it.:) Check out his new yellow scarf that came from Kelee at the katillac shack the if we decorate 150 scarves her sponsor will donate $2,000 to help abandoned dogs and cats due to foreclosure and job loss. It's the cutest scarf with a quote from Oliver Wendell her cute dog "Play Strong" who is smitten with one Ms. Maggie over at the Daisy Cottage. So Admiral and I decorated his with cute doggie buttons and his name. Everyone needs something with their name on it. The scarf reminded us of Lance Armstrong's live strong bracelets so we dedicate ours to Bo The D-mans best friend who has survived cancer twice and he is also Admirals favorite human. And now he can match them when they walk with their bracelets on. I will have to tell you he is the best dog in the whole world this is according to his momma. We loved making the scarf and hope it helps all the little doggies. Have a wonderful week:)

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