Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Hello Everyone!!!

Hello everyone It seems like I've been gone awhile its been crazy here with Fathers Day and Our Anniversary trying to get everything done and cleaned up after all the rain.

First thing Happy Anniversary to my great Husband The Coach 18 years married wow!!! I love you more everyday. He's my rock and makes me smile everyday. Love you Honey!!Then I was in charge of the Fathers Day Breakfast at Church getting their gifts and making all the arrangements for food and also the worship center up front so I've been busy getting everything together.

With all the rain gave us a little trouble and my sister had quite a bit of water in her garage and yard I think we're all cleaned up now I hope.

We also had a birthday party for Cole who turned 5 on Sunday. So Happy Big 5 Cole

So yes we've been busy I have a few projects to share But I have the boys all this week so I'm not sure how and when I will get to post. Have a great week


aimee said...

Happy Anniversary and Birthday. Thank you for coming over to visit my blog. It was so nice of you to come over. I look forward to many more visits.

Rue said...

Hi Julie :)

Happy Birthday to Cole and Happy Anniversary to you and the coach!!

Thank you for your sweet words about shiloh and thank you for always being so sweet to me.