Tuesday, February 17, 2009

More stitches

Now that's a fashion statement!
Look what happens when you turn your head, Admiral tore the stitch out of his eye we had to go back and they put 3 more in with pink thread this time. its a fashion statement I know you all want to go right out and get some for your pet along with the lovely e collar so he won't do it again isn't he pretty. His biopsy came back great just an infected gland and 2 cysts boy was Momma happy to hear that now lets just heal up so we can get rid of all the new fashion statements:)
My aunt had a Dr's appointment yesterday and he put her in the hospital she was very sick and had bleeding in her mouth from all of the treatments no updates on her cancer yet her tests are not until the end of the month. So keep us in your prayers and I'll keep everyone updated as we go along.
Of course I haven't had much time for projects but I'm working on getting started on the kitchen so I got a new rug and a clock as soon as it gets warm here I have a few projects to do and some big projects also.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week:)


Anonymous said...
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bec4 said...

Poor pup! And I am sorry your aunt is having complications--I will pray. Cute rooster--I look forward to your projects.

Gordostyle said...

Sorry to hear about your aunt... but am glad to hear the pooch is doing OK!


Erin said...

I love your rooster rug! So cute.