Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas decorations.

Sorry girls It's been awhile since I was here been a little busy here. I thought I'd show you some of my Christmas decorations and some of our favorite ornaments on the tree.

this is our buckeyes the night before Christmas house.

here's a couple of old Christmas pics of the d-man and admiral

some cute snowmen that my mom got me last Christmas

this is on top of my tv stand the word faith and some Christmas ornaments in one of my jars.

Now on to some ornaments

this is Derek's football player and admirals ornament we have more but I need to go and will post more later hope everyone is done Christmas shopping and Have a great weekend!


bec4 said...

Everything looks so festive. Sorry about the tree. You know that's how Christopher Radko got started? A fallen tree and broken ornaments.


Erin said...

Beautiful! What great decorations you have. How fun to see them.