Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas tree drama!

OH the Christmas Drama at our house. First my sil and her no present buying for her children(like that's going to happen) any who then I get my tree up and was finishing up all the rest of the decorating and yes it happened the tree fell over and most of my glass ornaments that we have had for a long time broke well there it was in all its 7ft glory on the floor. Poor hubby looked at me and I just started crying then him and the d-man picked it up and there was all the glass which made me worse. But what are you going to do its over and I'm fine yes I'm fine I think I'm fine. So here's a photo I took before the big fall and I haven't taken one yet of it now I had to undress it and redo and just haven't had the time. It has red and white lights layered one row red next white and all the ornaments are red and silver and 90% are Ohio State of course with a few of our favorites and lots of sports ornaments.

Here's a few other pics from around the house.

This chair sits by the front door next to my umbrella basket.

here's my frame again but done up for Christmas.

Have a great day:)


Rue said...

Oh no Julie! I'm so sorry!! I'm glad you got it back up again, but I feel awful that you lost so many ornaments :(

My tree drama consists of Shiloh drinking out of the tree stand, so now I'm afraid it's going to dry out and explode like it did in Christmas Vacation LOL Oh and we can't put presents under the tree because I'm afraid Mini is going to eat them, so if you see a picture of our tree with presents under it later, you'll know that it's been staged LOL

I'm so sorry your SIL is causing you grief. I hope it all works out.


Angie said...

So sorry to hear what happened to your tree! I would have done a lot of crying and also some screaming. I'm sure I would have also said some not so ladylike words too! It looked gorgeous before and I'm sure it looks just as good if not better now. Love all you other decor you've showed. Your porch looks too cute!

Ruby Red Slippers said...

That is just terrible! I am so sorry!
Thanks for visiting my blog, have a blessed day!

Erin said...

Beautiful tree! I am sorry it fell. I have heard so many stories about trees falling this year. Kind of weird. I defiantly would have cried too.

Dena ~ swaddlecottage said...

I'm so sorry your tree fell over, I think I would have cried too :( I'm sure it will be one of those memories that in years to come you will look back on and laugh. It is a beautiful tree.