Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It's the big week!

Go Buckeyes beat that team up north!!!!!!

Okay it's a big week at our house the big game is on this weekend Ohio State vs Michigan at our house its number one priority so I've been getting all the goodies ready and putting all my Ohio state stuff out and of course inflating brutus! The d-man is going to the game and will be very close to the field the lucky duck. I hope he stays warm. Here's a pic from his seat.

I'm working on a few christmas things one my mom and sister seen at a christmas open house and ask me if I could make it. A long swag made from greenery with a bow for the front door but they wanted them for the posts on their front porches so we broke out the old christmas tree and I am working on them this week I'll take pics and post them hopefully this weekend. I am also working on a way to use my christmas wall words that I can keep from year to year. Hope everyone has a great week.

Go Bucks!!!!


Cherry's Jubilee said...

YOu guys all dressed up look so cute! Is that your whole family? How fun. I was looking at the Christmas vinyls and ws thinking of putting one on a mirror. Do you have a mirror? They were kinda hard to do on the wall....I got a bit ticked a few times rofl. cherry

Angie said...

Can't wait to see what you do with the cute wall words and your Christmas decorations! Hope your team wins!

Sit A Spell said...

OK...I'm in Michigan, but sooo not from here...rootin' for y'all! : )

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

Go Bucks! We will be watching too! :)

Mom2fur said...

My dad was an Ohio State alumni (alumnus)? He had a good friend who went to Michigan, and whenever OSU would beat Michigan, my father would really bust his friend's chops! My mother said the friend used to get soooo mad!
My sister is also an OSU grad!
Dad passed away, but mom lives in Columbus now, so I'm sure she'll be watching this game on TV. (She's 85, btw.) Me...I'm a NY-er, and I don't watch football, but I think I'll wear my OSU hoodie, anyway, LOL!

Cecelia---Sis---Mom said...

Congrats on your win today!!!


M.L. @ The House of Whimsy said...

I love your family's sports enthusiasm. The big photo of everyone was so cute. Can't wait to see the garland you're working on for your mom!!