Monday, November 24, 2008

The Buckeyes Won Oh yeah!!!!!!!!

Okay I have survived the weekend the d-man made it back home from holy Columbus Ohio! and of course I didn't get all of my crafts done. My wall words project is almost done just a little more to do here's a hint I put it on something that I could use every year. My Mom and sisters garland is almost done they had to decide what to put in them and what ribbon so I have to now put them together. I got a few bargains this weekend and will post them later the d-man has the camera loaded with buckeye pictures so I'm working on loading them now hopefully I can take some pics here later today. I'm also getting ready for thanksgiving with lots of out of town guests yippy skippy:) Now I won't bore you all with my Buckeyes beating Michigan 5 times in a row or that One of My Boys had a fumble recovery at the end of the game and then got to run for a first down. We're so proud of you Marcus way to go!!!! And Thank you senior Buckeyes for all the great games we will miss you all. Okay I'll try not to mention them or that great record of 5 in a row beating that team up north. I promise:)
Hope everyone had a great weekend and Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

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Rue said...

I just had to stop those crickets from chirping.... Yay!!!! We won!!!! GO BUCKS!!