Friday, September 12, 2008


Good luck to the Buckeyes bring us home a win to O-H-I-O. BEAT THOSE TROJANS!!!!!!
Okay I love game day and Friday was my birthday and of course I got Ohio state stuff the d-man and admiral got their momma an Ohio State football cookie jar. It's so cute. And Hubby took the day off work and declared it Julie day and we got to do what ever I wanted so we went shopping and the out to eat came home and took a nap:) and then he went to his game. this is one of the first ones I've missed but its raining and I just couldn't bring myself to go. We didn't win but he said they played way better than last week our qb is out and so is his back up and then 2 lineman went down so I guess we are deep you no what!! I'll post pic of my great cookie jar when i find the camera
Have a great weekend and stay safe down on the coast your in our prayers
oh and Go Bucks!!

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Angie said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!!