Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hump day

Hey Everyone ! gosh its hump day where has the week gone. Its been rainy here all week and we have had the sickies I have had a wonderful headache since Monday and my niece sami has had the flu with all that goes with it my sis will testify about all the cleanup yuck!! And of course the coach has been stomping around about the game Friday night we lost so he's not happy:( poor boys I feel their pain.
And the d-man started his Jr. year at Shawnee State Tuesday man this makes me feel old. I haven't got a single project done and now my sil called and they will be here for the long weekend yeah!:) I'm so excited to see my babies its been since July, Auntie j needs a fix of nephews and princess. We are also counting down to the big game Saturday Go Bucks!!! I'll be posting my pics of our buckeye surprise if it quits raining long enough to get a pic. Good Luck to big marc and kc we'll be watching and yelling like crazy(they always say they can here me)lol Okay a post with no pics can you believe it.

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