Thursday, August 28, 2008

Buckeye Fever

Okay I thought I would give you guys a peak into our crazy obsession with the buckeyes. My husband the coach graduated from The Ohio State University so we are more crazy than we were before which was pretty bad to begin with :) Here are some pics from our house which has to have scarlet and gray in it somewhere lol The first pics are my cats meow houses above my picture window coach used to bring me one home every once in awhile when he was up there or as a gift when I didn't get to go to the game.

Okay sorry about the bad picture taking I am vertically challenged and its the best I could get without help from the tall people around here.
The next pic is the cute platter from the d-man for my bday and the light up diner from my mil see its an obsession I told you.

This next one is my fil's old army trunk that I spray painted a loong time ago and we use it in the family room its ready for sat a Ohio state tray a few buckeye things and a water globe that plays across the field I got for coach last Christmas

In the corner of this pic you can see admiral's dog bed its Ohio State also he has lots of buckeye things also toys, collars, bandannas, and a leash. He's a little spoiled He would have had a buckeye name but we had a golden named woody at the time so d-man decided to name him after his fav. bball player David Robinson the Admiral get it:) His full name is Admiral David Robinson lol. Oops got sidetracked One more pic for now it's a sign that I found the coach and it pretty much sums up this house
It says I know you've heard it said that Football is like a Religion around here. So I'd just like to clear up this rumor once and for all.....Go Bucks! Amen
I still have to show you some more but it had to quit raining so tune in tomorrow hopefully:)
Have a Great Thursday


Rue said...

Hi Julie :)

Coming from California and then Virginia, I had no idea what Rich was talking about and I thought it was just him. You should have seen my face when we rolled into town my first time here LOL Y'all are nuts about those Buckeyes and I LOVE it ;)


Rue said...

oh and.... GO BUCKS ;)