Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Some Summer Activities

Okay I finally got the camera so here's some pictures from some of my flea market finds and other things going on here on Orchard Street The First pics are Ashley and Marcus's Wedding which I did all the flowers and decorating Hot pink and black wow we used Gerber Daisey's I'll have better pics when the photographer sends them. How do you love that cake, Ashley designed it her self. The next pic is Cole and hubby Chris at Cole's big 4 birthday He's one of the 3 C's that I babysit most of the time Collin, Cole and Carson there mom and I are cousins. The next pics are my estate sale and flea market finds I'm turning the cups and saucers into bird feeders for my grandma Kate's flower garden and i put the rub on in the middle of the first plate haven't finished the rest yet going over my cabinets in the kitchen and the rooster bag cute 1.00 and so was the basket. and then the great shutters sorry about the pic being so dark.
Then on to the porch its a work in progress I'll post some before later the after is at the top of my blog the little table i found at the flea for 3$ and then painted it cream and I found everything on it at thrift stores after I found the strawberry bucket I made the wreath to match and i found a cute flag to go with it. And my cute house number plaque I made that matches my screen door and the last is the wedding I'm working on now fall colors. Boy I told you we were busy this summer


Joy said...

Wow you've been busy this summer! I love the table and the other great finds.

Rue said...

Hi Julie :)

You have been busy! Great pictures :)