Thursday, July 31, 2008

It's raining on flea market day!

okay its raining here on this flea market day ;( So I'm off to dads to work on a few projects, and hopefully I can talk him into doing some antique shopping and maybe the goodwill. Everyone cross your fingers lol he usually doe's what I want to do. according to the coach I am a little spoiled when it comes daddy.Aren't all little girls supposed to be spoiled by daddy? Okay I still have flowers to work on but just can't bring myself to work on them today. We went to look at the church and reception hall yesterday and it is so cute the church is a log cabin church its in a little outdoor museum called Heritage Farms in Huntington WV about 15 to 20 min away from here its a whole little village the reception is in the barn. They even rented one of the b&b's for everyone to get ready in after we decorate and get ready for the wedding. I'll post some pics later after its all over one more week to go the wedding is on a Friday 08/08/08.

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