Sunday, July 27, 2008

Its Sunday Love One Another

Okay its been a long weekend! First we went to the flea on Thursday and I got a great find. Shutters for my picture window Yeah!!!! I priced them a Lowe's and hd for about 70 for the window this guy sold them to me for 10 bucks and they were already painted white yeah again I got 8 all together I don't know what I'm going to do with the others maybe the bathroom? I'm so happy:) Of course coach had a scrimmage and it was hot so I had to take my boys out some Popsicles to cool them down after the game we even shared with the other team The boys always love to get goodies, I think they are a little spoiled but that's okay I love them anyway.. Then on Friday I worked on a wedding I'm doing for a girl from church. I have a week and a half left and lots of flowers left to do. On Saturday went to a couple of estate sales no luck there for me but mom got 4 cookie jars that were really cute all Christmas for like 10 dollars she puts them above her cabinets at Christmas with garland and lights so cute. then went up to Huntington WV to eat a hillbilly hot dogs have you seen it on dinners drive-ins and dives its great. then went to the hot dog festival come home worn out spent today catching up on all my chores and wedding stuff I will post some pictures of all my goodies and some of my flowers on Monday the d-man has the camera

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