Saturday, August 2, 2008

Happy Weekend

Hello to everyone the weekend has come and so has the rain. Yuck! We need it but it sure puts a damper on all the yard sales this weekend and their were about 60 in the paper. Only made it to one and all I bought was princess Sophie 2 pr of shiny red Mary Jane shoes one fits now and the second pair will be for later they were a 1 a pr. they look brand new I know she will love them. I have one project gift I have been working on it is for Marcus and Ashley who's wedding I did some pic are in a previous post. I just now finished the gift. I got side traked with the wedding so here it is A picnic Basket for tail gating. Marcus plays for the Ohio State Buckeyes so it is red.

It has everything to have a picnic plates,bowls,silverware, corn holders,knives,a grill,grill mats,and lots of other goodies. I hope they put it to good use. And Marcus
Go Bucks!!!! I love you guys....


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