Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Admiral!!!

Hello everybody!

Happy 10th Birthday Admiral your the best Doggie a family could have. We love you Big Dog!

Yeah I'm back my laptop crashed on thursday evening and I've been in withdraw lol. We got it fixed pronto thanks LB he got it yesterday and fixed it yesterday a new mother board and we are up and running again. So a pan of brownies for LB is on the way.

Now on to more pressing matters the flea market was hopping but I only found a few treasures some glass door knobs and some cute baby clothes for my son's friend with the tags still on them.

Then on saturday we went to 2 estate sales found some cute white plates and a white platter.

It's snowing here as I'm typing this post I thought It was spring!!! I hope it clears up before flea market day. I've been working on the kitchen as I've got time with working on prom flowers and a wedding shower gift basket in between I've got another project with my grandma kate we're sewing aprons for the Mothers Day Banquet at church I'll post some pics soon they are so cute.

Have a great week:)

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