Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A tassel and some other cute stuff

Okay girls I finished one tassel and here she is. she's all pink and brown What do you think?

Then I made this ragmuffin to go with it all pink and brown.

here's a close up of the great material I used.

Last thing I made this cute little rooster wall hanging from a bag I found at hobby lobby for my kitchen.

Okay I still haven't finished the little bird tassel I haven't found everything for it yet. I did find some cute snowmen to make some tassels for Christmas gifts I'm working on. Hope everyone is having a great week I have senior last lap on Thursday. so I'll be a little busy with my boys before our last game. hopefully I'll get some pics to post of our beautiful fall colors this week.
Have a great week;0


Angie said...

Love love love the tassel and the plaque! I am so going to copy that plaque! How did you get the rooster paper to look torn and aged around the edges? Did you just tear it with your hands?

Rachel said...

OH!!! All your projects are so cute!! I so want to learn how to make a tassel someday. Ya wanna come over craft with me? :):):)

Anonymous said...

Such cute things. Very creative!

Holly said...

You have been busy!! Cute, cute, cute stuff!! I do LOVE the tassel.

Holly said...

So guess what, you've been tagged!! Check over at my place.

Bobbi Jo said...

You are so talented! Love all I have seen on your blog.
Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Rue said...

Hi Julie :)

Those turned out really cute and I love the bucket you made in the last post too!

By the way, I didn't know you weren't on my bloglist until just this minute, but you are now. Sorry about that.

Go Bucks!
rue (an adopted Buckeye)