Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Family and Halloween

okay are you tired of Halloween yet? I hope not I have a few more pics first I got these cute little witches hats at walmart for a 1.00 and just had to share.

And here's a pic of the d-man at a Halloween party a couple of years ago with his Friends Ash and Kels their sisters. I don't have many pics of the d-man in costume he hates Halloween so he didn't dress up much. I think he gets that from his

Don't they look cute. okay I can't promise no more halloween but its still two days away so who knows!!!!

I didn't get my painting done we had a late phone call yesterday and coach's cousin had a car accident monday evening and her boyfriend was killed in the accident so I spent most of the day on the phone trying to find out how she was. there about 2.5 hours away in Columbus so all of us who were down here played phone tag. I got a call this morning she's bruised up and had some stitches but fine she was wearing her seat belt and so was the truck driver that was in the accident but her boyfriend was not and was killed in the accident. Please say a prayer for his family and ours. Heather's sister was killed in a car accident 3 years ago on her way to work and her mom is not taking this well.

Sorry to end this so sad Hope everyone has a blessed day.

okay I'm adding to my post Mrs.B boo-ed me wow I love it! so now I'm supposed go to as many friends as you want and have them link back to me and get their cute boo pic and then add this pic to your side bar so everyone will know that you've been boo-ed and then boo some of their friends. thanks Mrs. B it made my day:)


Rue said...

Oh no Julie! Prayers go out to that poor family and to your husband's cousin. I can't imagine how hard this is going to be for her.


Rambling Girl said...

Prayers are with you Julie! Don't have a clue how this family is handling this but I can only imagine. Hugs!

Mrs. B said...

Oh, that is so sad about the accident. The poor family!

That hat is adorable. I can't believe it was only $1!

And... You've been "Boo-ed"!

bec4 said...

I just said a prayer--I am so sorry! Thanks for the Boo!

melissa said...

my thoughts and prayers go out to that family.

That witch hatis adorable!! What a great bargain!

Happy halloween tomorrow! Hugs