Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A cute little hen and a new signature

Okay girls I'm trying out something new here I got a new signature and I'm not sure if I did this right so I guess will try this and see where it ends up hopefully at the end where it's supposed to be:) All and I do have to show you my cute hen that I got at cvs for 5.00 do you think I should paint her black? the other 2 were cute but broken:( so what do you think?
Okay I think I got this going the right way now:)


Marie said...

Cute hen! And at CVS?? Wow. I'm trying SO HARD not to run to every Dollar Tree and CVS that has cute stuff but with this kind of temptation it is hard! I think she is adorable they way she is, but I'm sure a coat of paint wouldn't hurt either! See how much help I am?? ;o)

Nice new siggy. I have one but I forget to use it every time I post. Do you have to put it in as a picture each time?

Libby said...

I have a thing for chickens. I like her, but black would be really chic and elegant. I don't know if it woul dgo with your decor, but white might look great too-frenchy!

Like this signature!

Chic and Charming said...

love the signature~