Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Cute little Bargains

Okay I promised you guys a pic of my cute little bargains. I got these salt and pepper shakers at the family dollar. I'm turning some of them into tassels I think :) and one set will go in my wedding shower gift I'm working on. Ready? First up Mr turkey

Then how about these cute pumpkins

Next look at these cute little acorns

Are you ready they were only a dollar a set. they had the matching lotion pump for 2 dollars so I'm going back to get those. What so you think?

Okay Angie over at has tagged me to list 6 random things about myself and then tag 6 people.

1. I used to be a kindergarten and preschool teachers aid and I miss it sometimes.

2. I love to scrapbook and have at least 25 completed albums not counting the ones I did for other people as gifts.

3. I love football!!!

4. I have a broken tailbone and its hurting like heck right now.

5. I love to read and My sister and I read around 50 books this summer. we also trade with our 86 year old Grandma we love her she's great!!

6. I drive a pickup truck and her name is Betsy.

Okay I'm tagging the first 6 people who read this post. Because I don't know if there are 6 people who read my blog :)lol

Thanks Angie for the birthday wishes and tagging me:) can't wait to show you guys the cute gifts I made for the shower Saturday d-man's best friend Britt is getting married and he's the man of honor so we had to do her gift up right hopefully tomorrow it will all come together. I'll post after i get back from the flea market.

Have a wonderful day!



Marie said...

Those are the cutest S&P shakers! I love the acorns, especially. I don't think we have a Family Dollar...I may be confusing it with Dollar General. They ARE different, right? lol

DebraK from ~the Bunnies Bungalow~ said...

Those turkeys will make the cutest tassels. Will you post a pic when they're done?

A truck named Betsy! That's great...I named my GPS Barbara!!
Take care, DebraK

Empty Nest Full Life said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my rooster. The last color was antique gold, and it was not spray paint. It was just an acrylic that I had to brush on, then watered down burnt umber to antique it. When I rubbed it off a little of the primer started to show through, and I liked that look. I will spray a sealer over it tomorrow. Love those salt & pepper shakers. I will have to check to see if our family dollar has any of them. What section did you find them in? Can't wait to see the tassels. Jackie

Rue said...

Hi Julie :)

Those s&p shakers are so cute!

It's great to learn more about you :)

I'm glad to hear the wind wasn't all that bad down there, but boy of boy it was somethin' else! I hope we never see anything like that again.


Rue said...

uh.... that would be boy oh boy LOL