Friday, August 15, 2008

Are you ready for some football?

Hey everyone its Friday and our house is geared up for some football. tonight is our high school league previews so I'm off to watch our Redmen take on the Raiders they play 2 quarters we have six teams so everyone gets a little time on the field hopefully the big red will have a great season and we'll be able to live with the coach all season if their is a football god hear my prayer:) I'm got a few projects to finish up over the weekend and will post on Monday hopefully maybe hit a few estate sales and flea markets this weekend gotta go my boys need all the cheer they can get and of course lots of momma love ( they secretly love that the coach says they ask all week when I'm coming to practice ) so I go every Thursday to pass out all that good lovin and of course brownies for all the great things they do on Friday night they love it and so do I lol Okay have a great weekend :)

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