Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Yeah I think I have the hang of this

Hi Everyone
This is my first post on our new blog. I can't wait get into this and post some pictures give my a few days to figure out everything. Tomorrow is flea market day with my mom and dad hopefully we will find some good buys. Tune in and find out on Thursday. Also Chris's Aunt Barbara is coming home from Florida to go to the family reunion this weekend and will be here all week. We're enjoying our summer so far, Derek is getting ready to go to Kings Island this weekend and working at the Sherwin Williams. We are also getting ready for football practice boy is it going to be hot. For some of you my husband is a assistant coach for football so we are all about football here from July on. Oh happy day(lol)


At Home Redesigns said...

Congrats on your new blog! I'll be back again!

Julie said...

Thank you Mary I love your blog and hopefully I will be posting some pics as I learn all of this computer ins and outs lol