Thursday, November 19, 2009

Getting An Early start on Christmas

Hey everybody its been so crazy here with my aunts death and the holidays and everything going on I haven't had time to post or really do a whole lot. But I did start on some Christmas stuff just to get ahead of the rush and I've been thrifting a couple of times did get a few good deals I'll have to take some pics of my finds and post. First i made this wonderful wreath i saw on someones blog in Red, Silver and white to match my tree. I did get a deal to make this 2 things of 69 ornaments for 2.00 a piece so I had plenty and the wreath was 1/2 off at hl so It cost me 7.00 all together woo hoo.
The next one was the wreaths for our church doors I brought them home and redid them to match the new ornaments to decorate our trees in red and gold. I have seven trees to decorate this year and I already started this past weekend so pics to follow maybe next week:)

Have a wonderful weekend. And GO BUCKEYES !!!! Beat Michigan again....

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