Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Little of everything!

Hey everyone I've missed you guys:) Been a little busy here the d-mans friend Tyler left for Afghanistan on Friday so after a big cry I went shopping. you know therapy:) I have a few finds and some projects I've finished. trying to get everything painted around here and putting out the fall. It's been fall weather here so I'm in the mood for just a few things so far.

First is a couple of jars I found out thrifting and painted up with some chalk board paint I made the boys teacher's a jar for Happy first day of school, not sure what I'm putting in the big one yet. oooh I almost forgot about my cute ice bucket that matches my snack tin, isn't she cute:) and last but not least here's my cute square fall wreath on my door, what do ya think? as soon as I find the rest of my leaves I'll finish fluffing it up. And as you all know It's football season here and It's not starting off great so It could be a loooooong fall;) Coach was a bear this weekend yuck I just can't even tell you the score. It was that bad and yes I know poor Julie right just kidding I cheated and didn't go shhh are little secret:) I'm painting my little aqua table on the porch for fall. Can't wait to get my pumpkins and mums to finish the porch

I hope everyone has a great week! enjoy the weather and please keep Ty in your prayers that he and his unit come home safe.

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bec4 said...

Julie, I love the jars. Can't wait to see porch pictures!