Thursday, March 12, 2009

A little more spring

Okay I'm not liking this weather it was 80 here on Tuesday and now its 45 and we may get snow on Friday yuck! I'm still getting some spring around here just to brighten things up. We brought my Aunt home from the nursing home on Monday and she's doing well she needs someone to stay the night with her right now but other than that she's doing well we're waiting on all the test results to see where we stand with the cancer. I'm starting on prom flowers this week this was my real job at one time so It's something I do at prom and a few weddings I have 4 to do so far.

Here's some more spring Enjoy and have a great week:)

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Angie said...

Cute decorations! I just love all the bunnies and Spring stuff! I'll say a prayer for your aunt. Have a great weekend!