Friday, January 16, 2009

An update on my aunt

Okay here's our update we went to the cancer doctor on Thursday and we have to go on Monday at 8a.m. to start radiation and then 10 for chemotherapy and it will be everyday so we are setting up our schedule this weekend to see who goes when. so I guess will be pretty busy here for awhile. also my little admiral isn't feeling well and has 3 cysts that have come up the vet will be draining them next week and we might have to have surgery to remove the one on his leg so fun I'm sure he'll need his Momma for awhile to baby him:) Please keep us in your prayers. Have a wonderful weekend and stay warm:)

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Angie said...

I'll say a prayer for your aunt and your dog. Hope both are going to be better soon! Love all your cute snowman stuff!