Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Guess what it's doing at our house?

It's snowing and snowing we have about 3 inches and it's still going with freezing rain right behind it. This is our second snow day and I'm sure it won't be our last this week. It started Sunday with a little snow and ice but the d-man had school yesterday no morning classes today there so good to you in college:) got to get our moneys worth lol
This is admiral this morning it's almost up to his belly he was not happy to be out in it but some times you just have to go. This is after with daddy all wrapped up in his blankie. The three c's will be coming to sleigh ride later today. Stay warm folks! I'm off to get some things done just in case there's no electric when the ice storm comes:)
*****Update****** Yeah we still have electric but now its raining on top of the snow and ice and then change over to ice and then 4-6 inches more of snow:)


glimpse of my world said...

oh wow!! I love the snow... It is beautiful!!

bec4 said...

We have it too! How is everything? How is your aunt? I am praying still for you all!

Cathy Cobblestone said...

Julie - looks like you got the snow - you said you were gonna throw a snowball for me - well, actually we ended up getting just enough to make a few of our own. I hope you all didn't get so much that it caused you any trouble. Our schools have been out all week due to the damage from the ice - we were fortunate that we escaped most of the damage. Thanks for stopping by for a visit! Blessings, Cathy