Friday, December 5, 2008

Some Christmas Projects done!!!!

Hi Girls sorry I've been gone so long. A little drama sometimes goes a long way my sil has caused some drama here for Christmas. But I'm over it and she can *********** you may fill in the blanks with what ever you want. Because I'm buying the kids presents and she can grin and bear it. Okay I've been busy with old saint nick trying to get ready first my vinyl lettering project is done look it's a stocking hanger.

I'll have a better picture when It's hung up with the stockings.

Here's another project with an old Christmas tree. These were 60.00 at the local floral shop so I made them out of some old trees we had I've made around 25 or so I put them together and made the bows they had to decorate them their selves all my aunts and cousins and my mom and nan and mil and sister have them now these are mine shhh don't tell them I made mine a litter fancy:)

Here's the top and see on my window sill that's some more. I'm getting pics of all of the ones we did and I will post them later now that's some recycling

Have a wonderful day I'm finishing my shopping and my tree this weekend and will post some more pics later.


Rue said...

Yikes! Having fun with relatives much?? LOL

Cute projects! Love that sign too :)

Have a great night Julie!

bec4 said...

Drama for the holidays--don't you love it! The stocking hanger is so adorable. I am working on another vinyl lettering Christmas project that I hope to show off this weekend.

Rachel said...

Sorry about the drama... Can't wait to see your vinyl sign up and stockings hung. I need to get my vinyl projects done. I'm so darn behind..