Thursday, October 9, 2008

More projects

I said that I've been busy and boy have I been busy. I have lots of tassels made to show you, and the d-man has been keeping me busy with gifts for his friends(yes he's that sweet) without any prodding from his mom can you believe it. He has 3 friends that are graduating this year and they all play volleyball and it is Sr. night tonight so he ask me to make them a letter to put with the gift he got them. If you look close in each ribbon tied on them is a volleyball. He picked the paper on each one to match what the girls like. So here they are.

The B is hot pink but it looks faded in the pic. B is for Brittany J is for Jamie and L is for Lesley

Congratulations girls your almost there!!!

I have one more thing to show you I found this at HL and added the paper and stickers its a pair of witches boots.
Okay its Thursday already and my boys are waiting on me with some yummy stuff. And I got this wonderful surprise My niece and nephews are coming for a visit after the go to the Bob Evans Farm Festival up the road from us. yeah so now Aunt J is working on Halloween treats early so my little darlings can go home with them and I don't have to mail them. So I'm off to the dollar store for some goodies.
Have a wonderful day:)


Angie said...

Those letters are such great gifts to give! I know I would love to get one!

Screaming Meme said...

I love the letters! They are so fun!!!!

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

You are so creative! Those letters are adorable and I am sure the girls will be thrilled with them!

Tara @ Living A Dream said...

Love the letters! Especially the Halloween one! Too fun! Have a great weekend!!

Holly said...

Autumn just makes you need to craft, doesn't it? The letters are cute, cute, cute. I am also loving your tassels!!

Picket said...

Hello friend...great craft projects..I want to thank you for coming by and for the sweet comment on our little granddaughter's arrival to our family...take care and enjoy your time with your neice and nephews!

Angie said...

Great picture on your header!

Rambling Girl said...

Love your letters! I would love to have one also. Geat ideas for Christmas gifts for friends. Never even thought about doing something like this. Thanks for sharing.

Love those witches boots!